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Ronald was born December 7th, 1970 to Ms. Norma M. Duncombe and Mr. Ronald Newbold in the city of Nassau on the island of New Providence. He grew up in the Central District of New Providence where he graduated from R.M. Bailey Senior High School in 1988.

Ronald "Roni" Duncombe started in the hospitality industry in 1989 at Carnival Crystal Palace Resort & Casino in Nassau the Bahamas on Cable Beach. He first held the position as a banquet waiter from 1989-1990 and was then promoted to banquet captain in 1991-1992.

In 1992 the first Butler Services Department in the Bahamas was organized. Ronald " Roni" Duncombe was selected to be one of four (4) Bahamians to be trained in the Art of Butler Service. Graduating with honors, he held a Butler position in the VIP Crystal Club until 1994. He furthered his exposure in the Casino Gaming Industry from 1994-1997 as a dealer at the Crystal Palace Hotel & Casino.

1997-1999 Roni was transferred as a Concierge within VIP Services Crystal Club. There he participated in a management cross-functional program as a Hotel Duty Manager within the VIP Crystal Club until September 1999.

In May of 1999, Ronald C. Duncombe participated in The Bahamas Men's Body Building Contest. Roni is also a personal fitness trainer.1990 -1994 was drafted as a member of the Bahamas Men National Jr. Volleyball Team. "Buck- O" as he is referred to in the volleyball arena, in 1994-2000 represented the Bahamas internationally as member on the Bahamas Men's National Senior Team. Ronald also plays local volleyball on various sponsored sporting clubs.

Meet The Distinguish Team

Ronald Duncombe appointed as Kerzner International's first Butler Manager in 2001.
In 2002 Roni introduced and injected the first Butler Services Department within the Atlantis Paradise Island.

Roni has implemented departments and developed individuals into the Art of Butler Services for selected VIP's of the Ocean Club, Atlantis, Ocean Club Residence & Marina and The Cove at Kerzner International.

In May 2006, Ronald Duncombe attended Bahamahost program and was selected as Chairman of the board for Bahamahost session #515. He received his certificate of completion with a 96% and was awarded for diligence and personal achievement from The Ministry of Tourism, which recognized him, as the outstanding participant of the Bahamahost program by The Minister of Tourism.
Ronald also was instrumental with the amalgamation of Kerzner International's Bahamahost program.As chairperson he organized the first Bahamahost Culture Night event held at the Atlantis Paradise Island. Pictured L-R Nan Palmer COO Atlantis, Mr. Gardner, Diana Brooks and Clint Williams.

April 2006 Ronald Duncombe took the Public Service
Driving Test; passed and was awarded his Public Service License.

As Director of Ocean Manor in this capacity he established and was responsible managing the household activities and services of the Chairman /Owner of Kerzner International Ltd (Sol Kerzner). In addition took on the role and responsibilities of a Director of Food & Beverage. He was then selected to develop the Cabana Butler Services division as Cabana Manger.

.Now President of his own company Distinguish Enterprises, he has made a positive impact within the business sector of the Bahamas. Distinguish Enterprises offers goods and services that were not accessible before by a Bahamian company


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Roni C. Duncombe President | Founder